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Online OCSD Approved CCW Online and Range Training Course

Online CCW Renewal Course

Private CCW Training

Purchase and complete the online course, then schedule your private CCW training by contacting

Are you serious about personal protection and the safety of your loved ones?

Our mission is to deliver the best personal protection and conceal carry weapon training to law-abiding Americans. This is the most comprehensive CCW course approved by the Orange County Sheriff Department (OCSD) and taught by a DHS and NRA certified instructor and expert on personal protection and violence countermeasures training, Alon Stivi.

Our training objectives are:

  • To PROVIDE a comprehensive learning experience onsite and online
  • To TEACH common sense safety and practical survival that works
  • To ENGAGE people to be active in their own security
  • To IMPROVE gun safety in our community
  • To ENABLE digital delivery of training
  • To SAVE lives through education

What Is Included:


Learn Online

Interactive, in-depth courses you can view when and where you want.


Multimedia Experience

Video, Slides, Printouts, Exams and additional support material.


Shoot with an Expert

Qualify with your firearm at the range with a top tactical pistol NRA Certified instructor.

Our tactical training has been delivered to and validated by organizations such as:

Orpaz Defense

Alon Stivi is the CEO of Direct Measures International (DMI), a provider of in security consultancy, tactical training and protective services to the private and public sectors. He is a recognized authority on security, dignitary protection, travel safety, counterterrorism, mass violence prevention, self-defense, and survival.

He is the founder of ACT Cert® (Attack Countermeasures Training Certification) online learning university and the developer of the Mass Violence Prevention & Active Shooter Survival course, the only training program of its kind certified and funded by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Alon has emigrated to the U.S. from Israel after serving in an elite unit of the IDF. He is a combat veteran of the 1982 Lebanon War and has trained troops for combat in the areas of small unit tactics, airborne operations, close combat and emergency medicine.

Alon has taught close combat tactics to the US Navy SEAL CQB Instructors and serves as an advisor and trainer to federal, state and local government since 1998. He is a POST certified law enforcement instructor and has trains First Responders through his Terrorism Responder™ program. He is also an NRA certified firearm instructor and Range Safety Officer.

Alon is also certified by the Department of Justice (DOJ) in Dignitary Security/Protection and coordinated a broad spectrum of security programs and protective operations in 30+ countries. He has protected fortune 500 executives, elected officials, and dignitaries such as: Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Warren Buffet, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Alon teaches university-accredited workshops on violence management and is involved in research on school security since 1999. He has conducted audits and designed security programs for schools, places of worship, and hospitals in support of the Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) from the DHS Office of Infrastructure Protection.

Alon is also the Founder and CEO of GoWare, Inc. a Hi-Tech company that designed a collaborative, cloud-based platform combining security domain expertise, technology, social media and crowd sourcing with mobile and wearable access points to deliver real-time actionable information and on-demand services to improve safety and security.

Alon is a member of FBI InfraGard®, the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS); is a Training Advisor for the International Association of Counter Terrorism and Security Professionals (IACSP) and a Board of Advisor member of the Center for Unconventional Security Affairs (CUSA) at the University of California Irvine (UCI). He currently serves as a Terrorism Liaison Officer (TLO) and a Reserve Deputy with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD).

A true visionary and industry leader, Alon is a voice of common sense and practical security solutions and a solution driven innovator. With his evidence-based, charismatic and easy to understand style, Alon has empowered people from all walks of life through his security education and terrorism countermeasures training programs.

He has been featured on network television, radio, film and national print publications. He is fluent in English, French and Hebrew.

Alon has been featured on programs such as:


Online and Range OCSD Approved CCW Training Course

This is Orange County's premier online CCW training course. This course is an 8 hours online course providing CCW training. There will be an online multiple choice exam at the end of the course. After the online portion is complete you will then sign up for the "Live Fire" portion of the training ( included in the training cost.)

Weapon(s) qualification will consist of shooting a complete 72 round qualification (24 rounds at 3 yards, 24 rounds at 5 yards, and 24 rounds at 7 yards) with the first handgun. All subsequent handgun qualifications will consist of a 20 round qualification (10 rounds at 5 yards, and 10 rounds at 7 yards). A passing score of 70% is required. This will be applied to both initial and renewal qualifications.

Please remember, Firearms are not allowed to be modified (Except for sights and grips) as per OCSD policy. We are not allowed to issue a training certificate if your weapon has been altered or modified.

**Please note: This class include qualification on up to 2 handguns, additional handguns are $40 each to add to your training certificate.
**Course fees are non-refundable

Course Price: $290

Online and Range CCW Renewal Course

To maintain your CCW permit you must keep your training current by completing a CCW renewal course. In this four hour online course you will review the fundamentals of the CCW course and demonstrate your proficiency in safe handling and shooting of your registered weapon. This course is mandatory every two years.

Course Price: $180

Act CCW Private Training

The CCW private training course offers personalized expert instruction that is tailored to your specific needs and proficiency level. In this course, students go through the CCW training requirements at their own pace and are able to refine their shooting skills quickly.

There is no substitute to the personal one-on-one attention of an expert firearm instructor. In the private course, the instructor focuses on teaching techniques and tactics that best fit the student’s particular abilities or limitations. Every detail is covered and every move the student makes is carefully evaluated. Individual corrections are made after every course of fire, allowing the students to improve their skills rapidly.

CCW private training is recommended for anyone who wants to accelerate their firearm skills and/or prefers individualized instruction.

This course is very popular among traveling executives, security professionals, high profile individuals, and celebrities.

If you are a person with special needs, you can best learn personal protection through the CCW private training course.

Course Price: $980

Have a question? We've got answers!

This course is for law-abiding American citizens residing in Orange County, CA.
The online portion takes about eight hours to complete and the range portion about four hours.
You can attend the live fire range training as soon as you successfully complete the online exam.
Absolutely, you can access your lesson form any mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer.
The course curriculum teaches DOJ approved firearm laws and rules and the most effective tactics.
The proven tactics and techniques taught in this course are easy to understand and apply under duress.
To keep your CCW permit current you must complete a renewal course every two years.
The CCW renewal course is significantly shorter than the initial course and lasts only 4 hours.
Changing or adding handguns to your permit is possible as long as you register them with the issuing authority and qualify on each weapon.
There will be review materials online sometime in the near future.
We offer private and small group classes to men and women who prefer the personalized instruction and personal attention and to people with special needs.
The CCW private training course offers personal expert instruction that is tailored to your specific needs and proficiency level. In this course students go through the CCW training requirements at their own pace and are able to refine their shooting skills quickly.
Personalized one-on-one CCW private training is recommended for anyone who wants to accelerate their firearm skills and/or prefers individualized instruction. This course is very popular among traveling executives, security professionals, high profile individuals, and celebrities.
Any person with a disability approved by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department can participate in our group CCW training course. However, if you have special needs the private training course is highly recommended. In the private course the instructor focuses on teaching techniques and tactics that best fit the student’s particular limitations.
The skills that we teach in our programs can be adopted by people from all walks of life and require no previous experience.

Just watched your video and then read your bio. The world needs more people like you. As I retired US Army First Sergeant (1969 – 1992; Infantry, Field Artillery, Armor, Aviation) I appreciate your commitment to security and safety. Just wanted to say thanks.

Mike Turner

Thank you for the service you have provided to me by training a member of my staff. He now feels more confident in performing his duties as my personal security.

Scott McInnis, Member of Congress

Thank you for the excellent training you provided for seven law enforcement agencies in Colorado last September. I have received positive feedback from the officers and the general consensus was that all police officers should receive this training. The SWAT Team leader was so enthusiastic that he is hopeful to having you back to instruct the rest of the team members.

Carroll Quarles, Chief - Palisade Police Department

It taught me simple, easy to learn and use tactics that got results fast. Your instructor is very knowledgeable and obviously experienced in combat.

Chris Jensen, OC Sheriff Department

Regardless of your prior level of training this course is guaranteed to improve your firearm skills.

Tony C. CA Probation Officer

Best tactical training I had in 22 years of law enforcement.

Patrol Sgt. Roy Kinney - Rio Blanco County Sheriff

Best shooting / Active Shooter Response class I have ever attended.

Vince Wilczek, Chief of Police - Rangely Police Department

The entire course material was relevant and transferable. It taught me some of the best flashlight techniques I have ever tried

Smith MCSD SWAT / Firearm Instructor

The course taught effective survival techniques that addresses real situations. This program should be taught to all law enforcement.

Sgt. Donna Dougherty, Mesa County Sheriff Department

The training was very realistic. The instructor was very, very knowledgeable.

Jim Rewald, Deputy, Los Angeles Sheriff Department

Alon knows how to get right to the point, his unique teaching style eliminates any superfluous and peripheral moves.

Marty Kove, Actor, Martial Artist (Karate Kid, Rambo 2, Mercenary)

A lot of people can show you how to strike, cut, or blast another person. But instructors like Alon who can teach you how to think in combat are a rare breed.

L. Armstrong, NRA Regional Counselor, CO

Amazing reality training, simple and as real as it gets! A plan to be pro-active in a nightmare scenario. First time I have ever seen such an effective teaching tool.

Jim Halsband

Your system appears to be the most effective approach to street survival and overcoming an obstacle in a confrontation.

Alan Burghard, Special Agent, Naval Investigative Services

Intensely focused, disciplined, and seasoned professional...Empowering team leader known for getting the job done in the world of security involving preemptive-defensive measures, crisis decision-making, and asset protection.

Wilson, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)