Frequently Asked Questions

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It will take you between 2 to 4 hours to complete one entire course as it was intended. Each course includes approximately 2 hours of runtime video (watching instruction straight through without stopping), reading and studying the support material and taking the exam when applicable. You should be able to apply what you learn in the course immediately.
Updates are additional information that is added to the course from materials that were not available when the course was developed initially. You can access Updates in the Resources section of the lesson player.
Safety addresses accidental human risks and natural emergencies whereas Security addresses intentional human threats/events. ACT Cert™ focuses on Security. Implementing what we teach in the ACT Cert™ program will also help enhance overall safety.
The ACT Cert ® and TAC™ programs were created and developed by the CEO and founder of Direct Measures International, Mr. Alon Stivi, along with various Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). All ACT Cert ® and TAC™ contents are protected under copyright laws.
Upon successful passing of the exam, a certificate will be issued to the individual representing their organization, along with a hard-copy of the ACT Cert™ Certificate. You will also receive the ACT Cert Newsletter™ with updates on recent incidents and lessons learned.
There are about 100 multiple choice questions in the pre and post exams.
Yes, the website and interactive lessons are fully mobile compatible. You can view them from any device.
Alon Stivi personally teaches all the course material in an easy to understand, no-nonsense format. The more advanced close quarter combat moves are filmed from multiple camera angles allowing you to analyze each move in details. Practice safely.
The key points in each lesson are illustrated through live demonstration, action drills, and raw footage of incidents. The training scenarios are realistic and the reaction of the participants is unscripted. You will learn from actual situations and reality-based training. Not theory.
The ACT and TAC training curriculum was developed from over thirty years of operations and teaching counterterrorism and unconventional security to military, law enforcement and professionals. Alon Stivi has developed a unique teaching methodology that “translates” advanced Tactics, Techniques & Procedures into common sense lessons that anyone can learn. The result is a unique curriculum that integrates the most effective practical solutions.
We offer variable discounts for high-volume purchases and reduced rates for government orders. Please go to the Contact Us page and contact us.
Yes. We are confident in ACT Cert and back our products with a No-Risk Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, we offer a full 60-day money-back guarantee from the date of purchase.
You will have immediate access to your lessons and there is no time limit to how long you can view them. When you redeem your access code the lessons are added as a permanent part of your online library and you can view them as often as you wish.
Each lesson includes a printable PDF of the key points. You can access that in the Resources section of the lesson player. When you purchase the full ACT Cert for Schools course you will also receive a hard copy binder, handbook and more after Graduation.
On the bottom right of the lesson player there is a "FULL SCREEN" icon. Click on that and the main view you began with will enlarge full screen. To go back to where you were click on the "ESC" key on your keyboard.
Once purchased, the lessons will be available in your library for unlimited viewing.
Yes. You have the option to print various material that is in the Slides viewer as well as other downloadable material.
Log On Instructions for Your ACT Cert Free Lesson:

  1. Go to:

  2. Click on the Register button on the right side bar (about half-way down).

  3. Complete the simple registration form as requested and click on the Register button on the bottom of the screen. Registration is 100% free. You will not be asked for a credit card or any other type of payment information.

  4. After registration, you'll be directed to your personal library.

  5. Click on the Watch button next to "Active Shooter Prevention & Response Strategies- Free Lesson" and begin learning! (Free Lesson is about one hour in length).
A Quick Overview of the Basic Features of the ACT Cert Online Learning Platform

Once you Log On, and you choose a lesson, at the bottom of your screen you will notice various buttons and features that include:

  • MultiView: The default setting that shows all learning areas with a birds-eye view on your screen.

  • Video: Click on the Video button and the Video view will enlarge.

  • Slides: Click on the Slides button and the Slides view will enlarge.

  • Forum: Click on the Forum button and the Forum view will enlarge. This is where you and other students nationwide can post questions and where answers from ACT Cert team members will post for all to see.

  • Chat Room: Click on the Chat Room button and the Chat Room view will enlarge. This is where you can interact with fellow colleagues nationwide and around the world.

  • Resources: Click on the Resources button and the Resources view will enlarge.

  • Full Screen View: On the bottom right there is a "Full Screen" icon that when clicked will fully enlarge your entire screen with the primary view you have chosen. Just press the ESC key on your keyboard to reduce the view size back to the view it was before.

  • Stop, Rewind & Fast-Forward: While you are in class, notice the thick blue bar at the bottom that shows the number of lessons within it. You will be able to stop, rewind or fast-forward at any time by grabbing the yellow line with your pointer and moving it backwards or forwards.

  • View|Set: At anytime during your learning you can click on Set (on the bottom, to the left of the thick blue bar) and you will be able to bookmark any portion of the lesson and name it (you must click save). When you want to go back to your bookmarks, just click on View and the list of all your bookmarks will appear. Just click on any Bookmark and it will bring you directly to the section you previously named.
Certification is only available through our Professional Series. Upon successful passing of the exam, an online certificate will be issued. A hard copy certificate can also be mailed upon request.
We have a comprehensive Train-The-Trainer program for those who qualify. To become a certified instructor you need to successfully complete the Web-Base-Learning online course and the three days and Hands-On-Training onsite course. Please see our Instructor Training page for more information.
It is best to have at least one (1) ACT Certified individual on campus and/or per department to coordinate the security efforts and effectively respond to an incident.

Regardless of how small your school may be we recommend as a best-case scenario, a minimum of 2 (two) ACT Certifications per school. The reason is that if an incident happens on your campus it is less likely that both certified individuals will be missing at the same time.

Minimum recommendations:

  • One (1) ACT Certification per 400 students for K1-12 schools.
  • For large campuses, such as a college/university, one (1) ACT Certification per 1,000 students or two (2) ACT Certifications per department/school, whichever figure is larger.
  • For law enforcement organizations we recommend at least one law enforcement officer to be ACT Certified for (and assigned to) every school within their jurisdiction.

Courses offered in the Survival Edge Series are for individual users such as parents, students, employees, etc. People who wish to know how to protect themselves and their loved ones and live a more secure life. Courses in the Professional Series are for people who service the public by teaching, caring, or protecting others.
Liability to schools, corporations and government and law enforcement agencies is a growing concern. Being ACT Certified, you and your organization can benefit from the support of a Subject Matter Expert (SME) from the ACT Cert team testifying on your behalf (additional fees may apply). This includes support on issues ranging from policies and procedures on school security measures, counterterrorism and the use of force:

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Consulting
  • Case Review and Evaluation
  • Written Opinion Reports

Regardless of the countermeasures you have in place, there is never any guarantee that an attack against your school will not take place, or that your school will not be the subject of a lawsuit or experience damages from a lawsuit. At the same time, the more you prepare, the more you can mitigate the potential damage and liability.

If one of our Subject Matter Experts (SME) testifies on you school’s behalf, part of this testimony will be based in part on the level of readiness of your school. The SME’s testimony is likely to be more substantiated if the school in question followed the ACT Cert “Measures of Readiness” guidelines.

Every ACT Certification is assigned specifically to the individual, in his/her name and then to the organization / agency he/she is employed by or represents.
An ACT Certification can be transferred from one organization to another no more than once per year. Since every ACT Certificate is assigned to an individual person’s name, that certification will follow this individual to their new place of employment (school, business or law enforcement organization). The old employer will no longer be an ACT Certified organization but the new employer will. If a person does move to a new organization, the ACT Cert expects the ACT Certified individual to immediately apply the recommended security measures taught in the ACT Cert program at the new location.
In order for an individual, and the organization they represent, to remain current with their knowledge and actively certified (avoid a lapse in certification), the individual must Re-Certify once per year. To avoid a lapse in certification status, it is recommended that the ACT Certified individual begin their Re-Certification training one month before the one year anniversary date of them receiving their ACT Certification.
Yes, we offer a variety of customized training programs and options, including onsite training and consultation including Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) consulting, campus security auditing, security hardware recommendations, hands-on personal safety, violence management, and collective resistance training and more. We can also develop a customized training program to address your specific needs.

Please go to the Contact Us page and contact us.