ACT Cert™ offers premier education to give you the tools necessary to address violence and terrorism. These programs can be adopted by anyone in public or private sectors, including schools, businesses, hospitals, houses of worship, law enforcement, security professionals and law abiding citizens from all walks of life. The courses are taught by DHS certified and world-recognized expert on terrorism survival and violence countermeasures training, Alon Stivi.


Featured Programs

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Tactical Advantage Courses (TAC)

Would you know what to do to protect your loved ones and save your life?

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Healthcare Security & Violence Prevention

Learn to de-escalate and prevent violence in medical settings.

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ACT Instructor Certification Course

Do you have a passion for protecting others and making your community safer?

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CCW Protection

Train online for your Concealed Carry Weapon License and Renewal.

Explore the ACT Cert Learning Tracks

Personal Safety Series
Learn how to protect yourself and others.
Professional Series
Certification training for those working in at-risk settings.
Instructor Series
Learn how to teach others to be safe.