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Welcome to ACT Cert: Saving Lives Through Education  

ACT Cert™ offers, up-to-date, interactive educational products and practical training necessary to address violence and terrorism. Programs can be adopted by anyone in public or private sectors, including schools, businesses, hospitals, houses of worship, law enforcement, security professionals and law abiding citizens from all walks of life.

Getting Started: We highly recommend anyone attending school, going to a house of worship, participating in public shows or events, or working in a corporate environment start with the Last Resort Survival lesson.

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Men's Health: Could You Survive a Shooting Rampage or Terrorist Attack?
The Gazette: Unarmed Civilians Can Subdue a Mass Shooter
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Watch the Trailer to experience a small portion of the in-depth training ACT Cert provides and then Register for free to get the Understanding the Risks lesson added to your library at no cost.
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Learn online and get certified in identifying and responding to Active Shooter and Terrorist threats.
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Do you have a passion for protecting others and making your community safer? Put your experience to good use and take your skills to the next level. Become an ACT Certified Instructor.
   The Curriculum
ACT Cert is committed to providing cutting-edge training to address today’s threats. Our focus is on terrorism survival, home defense, violence management, personal protection, travel safety, and emergency preparedness.
Survival Edge Series™
Extreme Violence Survival Price: $205.00
The ACT Cert™ Extreme Violence Survival course provides the most comprehensive training in Personal Protection from Active Shooters and terrorist threats.

ACT Cert Professional Series™
Violence Prevention & Active Shooter Survival Price: $385.00
The ACT Cert™ Violence Prevention & Active Shooter Survival course provides up-to-date information and practical knowledge necessary to effectively address the threats of Active Shooters and terrorism on campus and in the workplace.
ACT Cert Professional Series™
Healthcare Security & Violence Survival Price: $95.00
The ACT Cert™ Healthcare Security & Violence Prevention course provides up-to-date information and practical knowledge necessary to effectively address the threats of Active Shooters and terrorism in the medical workplace.
Testimonial Letter for Attack Countermeasures Training (ACT)
- Dr. Robert A. Reed Jr., Ed.D
Director of K-12 Educational Programs
Downingtown Area School District
Downingtown, PA
Very practical, action based training.
- Timothy Pinnow
Colorado Mesa University
Very valuable training. Things that can be put in place easily and quickly.
- Michael Zanski
Assistant Principal
Colorado School District 51
ACT teaches a common sense solution that focuses on protecting the children first. This is not some commando military training of attack. It teaches evacuation and escape first.
- Nick Endeglio
Downingtown School District
Downingtown, PA
This [active shooter] workshop…was well-received by the diverse group of participants that included educators and police officers from throughout Los Angeles County’s schools and police departments…I found your training to be effective in teaching participants numerous life-affirming skills…to address the challenges of school violence in a thoughtful and comprehensive manner…please accept our highest commendation for your great noble work in helping to make our local schools safe and successful learning environments.
- Gus Frias
Coordinator of School Safety Programs
Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)
Los Angeles, CA
You instructed and assisted in evaluating Costa Mesa police officers in Bus Assault Tactics. This also included a U.S. Marine Corps FAST team as well as Federal, State, and other local SWAT teams. For this effort I, and my department, are thankful to you…Your experience and unique teaching methods have been well accepted, and you are a welcome guest and instructor in future training.
- Jim Wagner
Police Officer
Costa Mesa PD SWAT
Costa Mesa, CA
Intensely focused, disciplined, and seasoned professional known for delivering results in highly dynamic environments/situations. Brings mature leadership experience and specialized tested strengths to the table encompassing critical thinking, detailed planning, and creative problem solving/solutions. Empowering team leader known for getting the job done in the world of security involving preemptive-defensive measures, crisis decision-making, and asset protection. Low profile and dramatically effective.
- Colonel G.I. Wilson
U.S. Marine Corps (Retired) and CEO
G.I. Wilson Associates
San Marcos, CA
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Frequently Asked Questions
Your Instructor
Alon Stivi

Mr. Alon Stivi is the president, founder, subject matter expert and Head Instructor of ACT Cert™. He is an internationally recognized leader on school and corporate security, violence prevention, counterterrorism and travel safety. He earned his reputation through first-hand experience and has demonstrated expertise in predicting and managing violent threats. He is the Founder and President of Direct Measures International (DMI), a security company providing a full range of interdisciplinary training, consulting and protective services.

Mr. Stivi taught close combat tactics to the US Navy SEAL CQB Instructors and trains police officers on response to terrorist attacks through his Terrorism Responder™ course funded by the Department of Homeland Security.

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