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ACT Instructor Certification Course

Do you have a passion for protecting others and making your community safer? Put your experience and dedication to good use and take your skills to the next level. Become an ACT Certified Instructor.

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Healthcare Security & Violence Prevention

Learn to de-escalate and prevent violence in medical settings.

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TAC 1: Mass Shooting Survival

As the threats of terrorism and radicalization increase, so does the need for preparedness. A growing number of people are exposed to the possibility of being confronted by a terrorist or mass shooter someday.

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TAC 2: Bombing Prevention & IED Countermeasures

Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) are terrorists’ weapon of choice and are used to strike Soft Targets. Terrorists have become proficient at concealing these devices in everyday items such as: backpacks, cookware, bottles, jars, trashcans, mail, toys, electronic equipment, vehicles, footwear, and more.

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TAC 3: Kidnapping & Terrorism Survival

Kidnapping is a common tactic used by terrorists and transnational criminal gangs. Human Trafficking has reached epidemic proportion and the risk of being abducted has become a salient issue.

InstAlon Stivi

Violence Prevention & Active Shooter Survival

The ACT Cert™ Violence Prevention & Active Shooter Survival course provides up-to-date information and practical knowledge necessary to effectively address the threats of Active Shooters and terrorism on campus and in the workplace.