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Survival Edge Series™   

Have you ever considered what to do if you are confronted by a violent person at work, on the street or in your home? Would you be able to recognize the threat before it’s too late? Would you know what to do to protect yourself, family and friends? Do you have a plan?

We are all exposed to possibility of facing a violent criminal, Active Shooter or a terrorist someday. If you are serious about personal protection and the safety of your loved ones, you need to be prepared. Being prepared is being informed and well trained!

The way we train is the way we will act in a life-threatening emergency.

The ACT Cert Survival Edge Series™ provides the most comprehensive and realistic training in Personal Protection and Survival.

The ACT Cert Survival Edge Series™ courses teaches how to develop personal security plans that can be adopted at home or work and during travel. You will learn proven methods for recognizing potential risks and avoiding dangerous situations. You will understand how to use the surrounding environment to your advantage and how to work together as a team during an emergency. You will receive step-by-step instruction on how to apply the most effective protection tactics and last resort measures to survive extreme violence. 

The Survival Edge Series™ courses include:

  • Violence Survival
  • Children Safety Education
  • Kidnapping & Hijacking Survival
  • Home Defense & Family Protection
  • Community Preparedness & Emergency Response

Coming Soon - ACT Cert™ multilingual!

Courses Within this Learning Track
Extreme Violence Survival

The repeat occurrence of Active Shooter and terrorist attacks remains a threat to public safety and the security of all people. The risk of violence in the workplace is a serious concern and schools are particularly vulnerable.

Specific preparation and advanced training are needed to address these threats effectively.

Understanding the warning signs reduce vulnerabilities and knowing how to respond effectively increases survivability during Active Shooter and terrorist incidents.

The ACT Cert™ Extreme Violence Survival course provides the most comprehensive training in Personal Protection from Active Shooters and terrorist threats.

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