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Extreme Violence Survival   

Understanding the Risks Module Price: free

Active Shooter and Terrorist attacks follow predictable patterns. To understand the risks, we must be familiar with the latest violence trends. The Lessons Learned from past incidents provides valuable insights of the motives and methods used by Active Shooters and terrorists.

Warning Signs Module Price: $75.00

Acts of violence and Active Shooter attacks are not random or unpredictable. They are often the outcome of a long process and provide warning signs that are often ignored or misunderstood.

In order to prevent attacks, we must recognize risk factors, violence tendencies and behavioral indicators. Understanding attack pre-cursors provide early warning and can allow institutions to help troubled individuals and prevent attacks. Recognizing improvised, concealed and disguised weapons and knowing how to communicate security concerns is essential.

Being Prepared Module Price: $75.00

To anticipate dangerous circumstances we must understand when and where confrontations occur. Being prepared and adopting preventive measures helps creates the perception of a secure environment. This is essential to the deterrence of potential threats and can also enhance response capabilities.

Effective Response Module Price: $75.00

In life threatening circumstances, we automatically resort to employing skills and a plan of action that have been practiced previously. We have no time, nor the presence of mind, to plan and execute a new course of action when under duress. Pre-incident training in effective response improves personal safety.

Last Resort Survival Module Price: $95.00

What do you do to save yourself and others when you cannot escape and an Active Shooter is forcing his way through the door of your classroom or office intent on killing you (not to take you hostage)?

The techniques and tactics thought in this module are truly LAST RESORT SURVIVAL MEASURES, where you have only two choices, (1) do nothing and die or (2) respond as a team, using "Collective Resistance", and fight for survival.

Course Specs
This course is comprised of five modules that can be purchased individually from each module's detail page or together at a discount by clicking below:
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Module List
Understanding the Risks
Warning Signs
Being Prepared
Effective Response
Last Resort Survival
Course Instructor
  Alon Stivi  

Mr. Alon Stivi is the president, founder, subject matter expert and Head Instructor of ACT Cert™. He is an internationally recognized leader on school and corporate security, violence prevention, counterterrorism and travel safety. He earned his reputation through first-hand experience and has demonstrated expertise in predicting and managing violent threats. He is the Founder and President of Direct Measures International (DMI), a security company providing a full range of interdisciplinary training, consulting and protective services.

Mr. Stivi taught close combat tactics to the US Navy SEAL CQB Instructors and trains police officers on response to terrorist attacks through his Terrorism Responder™ course funded by the Department of Homeland Security.

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