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Survival Edge Series™ learn more  

We are all exposed to the possibility of facing a violent criminal, Active Shooter or a terrorist someday. Every one of us is responsible for our own safety and the protection of loved ones.

There is a need for effective training that can help mitigate risks and improve individual preparedness.

The ACT Cert Survival Edge Series™ fulfill this need by providing comprehensive and affordable training in Personal Protection and Survival.

The courses in this series teach proven methods for personal protection and attack countermeasures that can be used anywhere. The information we provide is designed to enhance, complete or complement previous training and can be adopted into everyday life at home, work or during travel.

ACT Cert Survival Edge Series™ is for anyone concerned about safety, personal protection, security and survival. Testing and certification is not required in this series.

ACT Cert Professional Series™ learn more  

The risk of violence in the workplace and on campus has become a salient issue. We are all exposed to the possibility of facing a violent criminal, Active Shooter or a terrorist, someday.

Security is the foundation of a safe learning and working environment. Businesses have a duty of care for their employees and schools are responsible for the safety of students.

There is a need for sustainable training solutions to mitigate risks, increase security and improve organizational preparedness.

The ACT Cert Professional Series™ fulfill this need by providing comprehensive and cost effective training in Violence Prevention and Response.

ACT Cert Instructor Series™ learn more  

The ACT Cert Instructor Series™ covers all the course material taught in the Professional Series.

The ACT Cert Instructor™ Hands On courses are 3 days long and teach participants how to master the various Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) taught in the ACT Cert™ programs. Participants are taught how to configure and implement the program deliverables to the needs of their organization. Teaching techniques, drill safety and coordination are also covered.

One of the main objectives of the instructor course is to connect training with exercises. Only participants that successfully complete the Hands On Training course will become ACT Cert Instructor certified.

The ACT Cert Instructor™ courses are scheduled on a quarterly basis at various locations.

Please check periodically for instructor certification course schedule announcements.

Courses Within the Learning Tracks
Survival Edge Series™
ACT Cert Professional Series™
ACT Cert Instructor Series™
Hybrid Training Options
Get the complete ACT Cert™ training package with a combination of Hands On Training and Web Based Learning delivered by certified instructors in your area…
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