Program: ACT Cert Instructor Series™

The choice of most organizations and facilities is to have an ACT Certified Instructor™ on staff.

Having a staff member certified as an ACT Instructor™ provides the necessary on-site resources to develop and sustain an effective violence prevention and response program.

The ACT Cert Instructor™ certification program is comprised of a 3 day Hands On Training and the oline learning course and examination.

In addition to reviewing the material covered in the ACT Cert Professional Series™, instructor course participants are taught how to implement the ACT Cert™ program recommendations to the needs of their organization. They also learn effective teaching techniques as well as training drill safety. The use of the workbook and the administration of pre and post exams are also covered.

One of the main objectives of the instructor certification course is to connect training with exercises. Only those that successfully complete the Online Learning and Hands On Training become ACT Cert Instructor Certified.

Personalized attention is given to the course participants helping them gain confidence in their teaching ability.

The ACT Cert Instructor Series™ courses are scheduled on a quarterly basis at various locations.

Please check periodically for instructor certification course schedule announcements.

Benefits you receive by having an ACT Certified™ Instructor on your staff:

You will save 50% + on ACT Cert Professional Series training for your staff
Having an ACT Certified Instructor on your staff is the most cost effective way to train other members of your staff. You can save 50% or more when compared to the individual cost of our Professional Series programs allowing you to have more members of your staff ACT Certified™.

You will have programs that are tailored to meet your specific needs
You will have the capability to develop customized training that will be of greater interest and value to your employees because it will involve your specific setting and apply to specific situations typical to your daily operations.

You will have programs that meet your specific schedule restrictions
You will have the flexibility to provide training to your staff and new employee on any shift and at the most convenient time.

You will receive on-going support from our ACT Cert team by phone and on-line
If you have any questions, concerns or simply want advice on how to handle a specific situation, an ACT Cert™ professional is just a phone call away. Inquiries and request for information can also be submitted via email.

You will receive a quarterly ACT Newsletter™ to keep you up-to-date
You will receive the ACT Newsletter™ with analyses of recent incidents and practical solutions for violence prevention and crisis intervention.

You will become a member of the ACT Cert International Network™
Our certified instructors can join other professionals who have been ACT Certified™ and have unlimited access to the Instructor Forum and the online discussion board. You also receive invitations to special training events, as well as access to all of the ACT Cert™ products and services – at discounted prices available only to certified instructors.

Features included with the ACT Cert Instructor™ training
The ACT Cert Instructor™ course includes comprehensive supporting courseware:

  • Awarding of Certificate of Instruction
  • Supporting Power Point Presentation
  • Testing review and evaluation
  • Course Training Plan
  • Instructor Guide
  • Student Guide
  • Training Exam

Course: ACT Instructor Certification Course

Lead InstructorAlon Stivi
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School staff and business managers have recurrent experiences with angry and potentially assaultive students and employees. Understanding the warning signs and preventive behavior reduces vulnerabilities. Knowing how to respond effectively can minimize casualties during violent situations.

The ACT Cert™ Violence Prevention & Active Shooter Survival course effectively addresses the threats of Active Shooters and terrorism on campus and in the workplace.

It teaches step-by-step instructions for crisis response and proven attack countermeasures that will reduce risk and enhance survivability.

The security guidelines and violence management methods taught in this course can be adopted in any business or learning environment.

Lessons in this Course: