Program: ACT Cert Professional Series™

Violence is a harsh reality in contemporary society. Far too many people are inclined to get angry and act aggressively. The risk of violence in the workplace and on campus has become a salient issue. Costs can include liability lawsuits, medical care, property damage, loss of business and productivity and most important of all, the death or injury of innocent people.

Security is the foundation of a safe learning and working environment. Businesses have a duty of care for their employees and schools are responsible for the safety of students.

There is a need for sustainable training solutions to mitigate risks and improve orgnizational preparedness.

The ACT Cert Professional Series™ fulfills this need by providing comprehensive and cost effective training in Violence Prevention and Response.

The ACT Cert Professional Series™ courses teach how to develop and implement effective security for your organization. You will learn proven methods for recognizing signs of dangers and avoiding violence – greatly reducing the chances that you will ever be involved in a dangerous situation. You will also learn exactly how to respond in the event of a violent attack to protect yourself and others.

The ACT Cert Professional Series™ follows the NIMS/ICS models and address the key elements of emergency management: prevention, protection, mitigation, response and recovery.

The guidelines provided in the ACT Cert Professional Series™ courses can be adapted in any school or business and serve as a framework for best-practice standards.

The information provided is designed to enhance, complete or complement existing security initiatives and previous training.

Benefits of having an ACT Certified™ staff member in your organization or at your facility

  • Improve overall security
  • Enhance safety of personnel
  • Reduce the likelihood of attacks
  • Mitigate risks of potential liability
  • Compliance with government mandates
  • Provide staff with cost effective training
  • Improve employee morale and confidence
  • Better interaction with law enforcement and emergency responders
  • Peace of mind knowing how everyone will respond in a crisis situation

The ACT CERT Professional Series™ courses include:

  • Campus Security & Violence Management
  • Preventive Intelligence & Terrorism Awareness
  • Corporate Resiliency & Emergency Management

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Course: Violence Prevention & Active Shooter Survival

Lead InstructorAlon Stivi
 Access:  Public   Status:  Active    

School staff and business managers have recurrent experiences with angry and potentially assaultive students and employees. Understanding the warning signs and preventive behavior reduces vulnerabilities. Knowing how to respond effectively can minimize casualties during violent situations.

The ACT Cert™ Violence Prevention & Active Shooter Survival course effectively addresses the threats of Active Shooters and terrorism on campus and in the workplace.

It teaches step-by-step instructions for crisis response and proven attack countermeasures that will reduce risk and enhance survivability.

The security guidelines and violence management methods taught in this course can be adopted in any business or learning environment.

Lessons in this Course:

Course: Healthcare Security & Violence Prevention

Lead InstructorAlon Stivi
 Access:  Public   Status:  Active   Full Course Price:  $135.00
The ACT Cert™ Healthcare Security & Violence Prevention course provides up-to-date information and practical knowledge necessary to effectively address the threats of Active Shooters and terrorism in the medical workplace.
Lessons in this Course: