Community Protection Training

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We all are very aware of the current reality regarding synagogue security, the tragedies that have occurred, and the need for better solutions in dealing with and responding to violent situations. A better way has been developed to train your institution to be prepared for such situations.

ACTCERT® is a system that provides simple and effective techniques to help you and your congregation quickly understand a violent situation, and deal with it effectively. The program is fully funded by the Department of Homeland Security. Invest in your security and future, and save lives by applying for the ACTCERT® Program today.

Community Protection Training

Are you doing all that you can to improve security and protect our community?

Anti-Semitism and incidents of Mass Violence are increasing and so does the need for preparedness.

Most casualties in these incidents occur during the first few minutes, before law enforcement intervention. Relying on outside assistance to arrive on time is unrealistic and dangerous.

We must become active participants in our own security and protection.

Would you know what to DO in the event of an active shooter or terrorist attack?

The Attack Countermeasures Training (ACT)® program can help you prepare and make our community safer.

The ACT® program teaches common sense security and effective Prevention & Response.

You will learn how to function as a “First Preventer” in recognizing and reporting signs of danger and improve security.

You will be trained how to act as an “On-Location Responder” to survive the attack and protect others.

PART ONE – Preparedness & Prevention

  • Trends & Potentials and Indicators & Warnings
  • Preventive security and early warning systems
  • Suspicious Activity Reporting & Intelligence
  • Emergency response planning and practice
  • Use of cover and improvised weapons
  • Safe escape and evacuation tactics
  • Hiding and Barricading (Lockdown)
  • Crisis communication principles
PART TWO – Response & Survival
  • Survival Fighting
  • Defense of a third party
  • Critical decision making
  • Interaction with First Responders
  • Collective resistance and team response
  • Weaponless defense and gun disarmament
  • Last Resort Active Shooter Survival Measures for stopping the shooter

This one-day course consists of 4 hours of lecture and presentation and 4 hours of Practical Exercises and Drills.

This training will enhance, complete, and complement previous training. No previous experience is required.

This course is the only program of its kind currently certified by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The course is listed on page 198 of the NTED National State/Federal Training Catalog (CA-043-PREV).

Training for survival is not a game! Get the most professional training available and become DHS certified. We are the only trainer certified by the Department of Homeland Security to teach this unique program.