Personal Safety & Workplace Security for Real Estate Professionals

“More than 20 real estate agents were murdered in the last decade.”

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2015

“Missing Arkansas real estate agent found dead in shallow grave.”

CNN Sept. 31, 2014

“Real estate agent put is a chokehold and punched in the face outside Laguna Niguel home she had listed.”

Orange County Register Oct. 11, 2014
"I had the privilege of attending the first Violence Prevention and Active Shooter Survival Class for Realtors® this year. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and feel empowered and better prepared to protect myself should I encounter a violent person while performing my usual real estate work. I specifically appreciated learning how to be better aware of my surroundings, always positioning myself for my optimum safety and receiving a better understanding of a criminals methods and mindset to best protect myself. I emphatically suggest this class be taken by every Realtor® / Agent / Broker. Everyone being prepared and empowered for every situation is a huge benefit to the entire Real Estate community!"
Rebekah Renner
Broker Associate, Hummel Real Estate

The number of assaults against real estate professionals is on the rise, with the nature of attacks becoming more violent and sometime deadly. Realtors across the country have been attacked in model homes, during open houses, and in their own office. Real estate professionals regularly meet people they do not know at isolated properties, often alone. A growing number of realtors say that they feel unsafe and vulnerable in these situations.

  • A single security incident can significantly impact the reputation of any business.
  • Negligent Failure to Plan can lead to lawsuits and increases potential loses.
  • No one knows for sure when and where the next attack will occur.
  • Attacks evolve rapidly and knowing what to do is critical. Counting on others to save us does not always work.

What will you do if confronted?

Our training reduces vulnerability and increases safety.

Learn to lessen the likelihood of violence:

  • How to avoid dangerous situations
  • How to detect and defeat surveillance
  • How to recognize pre-attack indicators
  • How to improve security at work and home
  • How to de-escalate potential confrontations

Learn to survive the violence:

  • How to fight off an attacker in confine spaces
  • How to survive a carjacking and a kidnapping
  • How to protect yourself from an armed assailant
  • How to escape or barricade and keep the assailant at bay

The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies accredits this program for Continued Education.

Toll free: (888)4 ACT CERT or