ACT Instructor Certification Course

Do you have a passion for protecting others and making your community safer? Put your experience to good use and take your skills to the next level. Become an ACT Certified Instructor.

Having an ACT Certified Instructor™ on staff can help organizations improve security and reduce liability. The program is designed to enhance, complete or complement existing programs.

The instructor course has two components:
Web Based Learning and Hands-On Training.

The course is comprised of six learning modules, a test, a certification, and a three days hands-on training.

The course can be purchased by clicking the button to the right with the date and location you're interested in.

Course Registration & Certification

We only accept law abiding people that are serious about training and will be a credit to their community. All course participants will be required to get a passing grade to receive a Certificate of Completion.

Course Progression

Course participants must successfully complete the online course prior to attending the Hands-On-Training. An application for the course will be sent to you after you successfully complete the online course.

Course Materials

Access to the online learning program is provided to course participants prior to the Hands-On Training. A complete instructor package and support materials will be provided to all course graduates. All of the Hands On Training equipment and props are included.

Course Location

The program is designed to accommodate time constrictions and make use of readily available facilities. We can deliver this training at any location (class room with access to corridors and stairwell). Hosting entities are entitled to one complimentary course attendance for every ten participants. Group rate discounts are available.

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There is no doubt that all victims of violence share a common desire of staying alive. What they lack is the knowledge necessary to act in self-preservation. As an ACT Certified Instructor™, you will be able to empower others with knowledge that can help save lives.

The ACT Certified Instructor™ course curriculum is focused on two components: Prevention & Response.

As an ACT Certified Instructor™, you will be able to teach the essential functions of the “First Preventers” in recognizing and reporting signs of danger and help reducing vulnerabilities. You will also be able to train others how to act as “On-Location Responders” during the initial moments of an attack and minimize casualties.

The ACT Instructor Certification™ course is personally taught by the program developer and founder.

In the 3 days Hands On Instructor Training you will learn:

DAY ONE – Prevention & Preparedness

  • Trends & Potentials and Indicators & Warnings of violence
  • Preventive security and early warning systems
  • Emergency response planning and practice
  • Weapon defense and gun disarmament
  • Use of cover and improvised weapons
  • Safe escape and evacuation
  • Crisis communication

DAY TWO – Response & Survival

  • Survival Fighting
  • Defense of a third party
  • Critical decisions making
  • Interaction with First Responders
  • Hiding and barricading (Lockdown)
  • Leadership and crisis communication
  • Collective resistance and teamwork response
  • Last Resort Active Shooter Survival Measures

DAY THREE – Instructorship Skills

  • Training standards & rules
  • Instructor support materials
  • Classroom setting and props
  • Principles of survival learning
  • Presentation and delivery skills
  • Effective teaching methodology
  • Instructor administrative support
  • Live drills coordination and safety
  • Instructor final exam and certification