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Just watched your video and then read your bio. The world needs more people like you. As I retired US Army First Sergeant (1969 – 1992; Infantry, Field Artillery, Armor, Aviation) I appreciate your commitment to security and safety. Just wanted to say thanks.
Mike Turner
Testimonial Letter for Attack Countermeasures Training (ACT)
Dr. Robert A. Reed Jr., Ed.D
I had the privilege of attending the first Violence Prevention and Active Shooter Survival Class for Realtors® this year. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and feel empowered and better prepared to protect myself should I encounter a violent person while performing my usual real estate work. I specifically appreciated learning how to be better aware of my surroundings, always positioning myself for my optimum safety and receiving a better understanding of a criminals methods and mindset to best protect myself. I emphatically suggest this class be taken by every Realtor® / Agent / Broker. Everyone being prepared and empowered for every situation is a huge benefit to the entire Real Estate community!
Rebekah Renner
The survival options taught by Alon Stivi are practical, common sense approaches that can be learned by anyone. I highly recommend this program to school administrators and educators as part of their emergency planning and security upgrades.
Dr. Robert A. Reed Jr., Ed.D
Sent it to everyone I know. If you have not talked to your kids about this, and I have, as early as Kindergarten, maybe First Grade, you are behind the curve. And an idiot! Sorry, but if you taught your kids to beware of strangers and said nothing more after that, idiot sums it up. You've had way too many examples.
In some jurisdictions, people are regularly told that if they encounter a gunman they should "do what he says" and "not resist". What they mean is that, statistically, it's better to just give a mugger your wallet than try to get away. But an active shooter situation is much different than a vanilla street mugging or someone on a murdering spree. That's why a video like this is so valuable. Every high school should take the 8minutes to show this video to the kids during auditorium now and then.
This training is a paradigm shift in the way we think and respond to school violence.
Nick Endeglio
The training provided by ACT Cert™ was very responsive to the needs of my organization.
Kristi Mease
This training can help make community safer and better prepared.
LeRoy Gutierrez
Active shooter measures are necessary and drills need be adopted, an Israeli expert, Alon Stivi is the man, and his youtube video will give you a first look at his hands-on drill….. In the video, this Israeli gentleman understands what the weak and unarmed are up against in the unspeakable event of being in the immediate presence of an active shooter, and he gives us a plan of action that may save our lives.
Jim Halsband
The time I put into this training was well worth it.
Jon Billbo
If you have been in the principal seat or are a teacher, you know that if any situation occurs at the school, people expect you to take the lead. The bottom line is that communication will break down and the adult in the classroom are expected to take charge and should be trained to do so.
Dr. Robert A. Reed Jr., Ed.D
Some excellent advice for unarmed defense in an active shooter situation, it's a must see.
Absolutely the best thing I have seen! This should be mandatory in every school!
Ronda Rogers
Very practical, action based training.
Timothy Pinnow
You significantly decrease the possibility of becoming a victim by taking this training.
John Ross
This is a great demonstration of what to do when someone is an active shooter. I was really surprised at how easy it was for the two female students to take a guy down. I've been in situations where someone is terrorizing a group (not with a gun) and the lag time for people to react is really harmful. People stand there in shock because they've never experienced something like this. Taking this course will enable these students to defend themselves and their classmates so I'm 100% all for it!
My school purchased Shots Fired video and has it on the school's online student system for us to view, but it's lacking a lot of information. All it ever teaches is methods of escape and how to spot potential shooters and it occasionally mentions that you may have no other option than to fight, but it never tells you how to fight. I'm glad you posted this video, because I had no idea what to do if I ever had to fight, unarmed, against an active shooter. I'm passing this on to the head of the school's safety department to see if they will post it up with the Shots Fired video.
I was very satisfied with the quality and effectives of this training.
Vernaun Raney
I was very satisfied with this training and wish I had it take place in my building.
Christina Kleespies
Good video. You can be damned sure armed or not, I won't go down without fighting.
Seems like a good program with some very valuable lessons. I would love to see this become a program used in schools across the nation.
Oldman T
In a single training day, the ACT course empowers course participants with the confidence of knowing what to do in a real situation.
John Ross
Very valuable training. Things that can be put in place easily and quickly.
Michael Zanski
This should be required - everywhere.
Good video. Every school aged child should be taught this. The instructor needs to put more emphasis on what happens after the take down though. Let the students know that they are in a fight for their life and to beat the guy until he is unconscious.
The training you provided had a deep impact on us. This is the first time in all these years that I participated in training on school safety that I agreed 100% with what was taught in the training.
Dr. Robert A. Reed Jr., Ed.D
ACT teaches a common sense solution that focuses on protecting the children first. This is not some commando military training of attack. It teaches evacuation and escape first.
Nick Endeglio
Good video. Glad the guy teaching the class is out there spreading the word. I will be emailing the link to a few people with their heads in the sand.
I remember in school after the Columbine shooting we did drills that taught us to hide in the corner like cowards. This video was great thanks for sharing!
Take a few minutes and go on You Tube and search ‘ACT training’ or ‘Alon Stivi’ to understand the importance of this training for your school, it speaks for itself.
John Ross
Every school in the state should be doing this as often as or more often than fire drills. Fire drills and tornado drills have their place but you son or daughter is more likely to die of gunshot wounds at school than fire or tornados.
This [active shooter] workshop…was well-received by the diverse group of participants that included educators and police officers from throughout Los Angeles County’s schools and police departments…I found your training to be effective in teaching participants numerous life-affirming skills…to address the challenges of school violence in a thoughtful and comprehensive manner…please accept our highest commendation for your great noble work in helping to make our local schools safe and successful learning environments.
Gus Frias
THANK YOU FOR DOING WHAT YOU DO and SHARING YOUR KNOWLEDGE with others. I think empowering people with this knowledge and skill is absolutely brilliant! I do not want to sit at a desk and wait to be a target. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I have known Mr. Stivi for quite some time and recognize him to be an individual with integrity, as well as a superb martial arts instructor. He has worked with me training SEAL Team platoons in Close Quarter Battle and numerous Police SWAT units in high-risk entry procedures.
Ken J. Good
On behalf of the Memorial Family Medicine residents and faculty, I would like to thank you for your presentation on “Violence in the Workplace”…Through sharing of your insight and guidelines, we gained valuable understanding of how to maximize our patients’ care…We are grateful for your support and involvement in our residency training program.
Roginelli Yu
Thank you once again for coming to Colorado and presenting your very informative and insightful training on Violence Management…I am very concerned for the employees of my agency and for the citizens of the State of Colorado who we serve…I believe that the methods you outlined will be very beneficial…Your presentation was well presented and able to hold the attention of everyone…I would be happy to recommend this training to other agencies.
Vickie L. Armstrong
Intensely focused, disciplined, and seasoned professional known for delivering results in highly dynamic environments/situations. Brings mature leadership experience and specialized tested strengths to the table encompassing critical thinking, detailed planning, and creative problem solving/solutions. Empowering team leader known for getting the job done in the world of security involving preemptive-defensive measures, crisis decision-making, and asset protection. Low profile and dramatically effective.
Colonel G.I. Wilson
Thank you for the excellent training you provided for seven law enforcement agencies in Mesa County, Colorado…The Mesa County Sheriffs Department SWAT Team leader was so enthusiastic that he is hopeful of having you back to instruct the rest of the SWAT members. The officers…came away with a very confident attitude, and feel that they are more prepared to respond to terrorism in general, but especially in school environments…All of the training our department has been fortunate enough to have been involved in has been second to none.
Carroll Quarles
Any conversation on gun control will not result in anything approaching the direct measure Mr. Stivi teaches when the active shooter is firing live rounds. He provides real lessons to take immediate responsibility for one's personal safety when facing down the horror, when trapped and running or calling for help is not an option.
Jim Halsband
Thank you for your on-going efforts in keeping our school safe…The violence management, personal safety and emergency response training you provided to our staff and high school students were very well received…We would recommend your services to all schools, public and private alike.
Derek Gavshon
I wish to thank you for being a tactical evaluator during the barricaded captor/hostage exercise…Your analysis and observations were welcomed. It is always more beneficial to hear of weaknesses from an expert and there was probably no one more qualified to have been our tactical evaluator. I am confident that this exercise will serve to significantly upgrade the posture of this Naval Station regarding spontaneous incidents of this nature. We look forward to opportunities in the future to train with you and to learn from your hostage and counterterrorist expertise.
Paul M. Valentine
Thank you so much for speaking at the symposium, “Terrorism: Its Forms, Causes, and Potential Remedies”…You are a wonderful speaker and gave all of us much insight into actual forms of terrorism, the psychology of terrorists, and potential remedies. Your clarity of description and explanation was very informative…Your contribution to the success of the program was tremendously important and provided a perfect balance.
Alice M. Parsons
My father is a personal safety expert and insisted I watch the student active shooter video clip on youtube. He told me it was the most important eight minutes of video I could watch since I am going to college this year, and I think he is right. Thank you so much for posting the video.
Rachel Kaminer
This should be required viewing by every student in every school – well done.
Practice this, and save some lives
I've posted this on a few boards and sent it to everyone I know. If people could start taking down these guys I think the nutcase cowards would soon give up on this approach to fame and glory.
JackPine Savage
Why on earth is this type of training not in every single school and place of business in the country?
I am very GLAD I watched that video. We walk around in the dark, and in FEAR. at least this video showed that we NEED NOT be paralyzed.
Thank you for helping us understand ways to protect ourselves when working with violent offenders.
Janet Warren
Your training was extremely valuable and well-received by our mental health and law enforcement participants. The technical and practical skills you taught our staff will significantly improve their safety and effectiveness in difficult situations.
Tony Beliz
Our school received a Homeland Security Grant based on the security analysis and report that you drafted. Thanks to the outstanding work that you did putting together our entire security system, our academy is a much stronger and more secure school environment.
Rabbi Yitzehok Newman
Your breadth of knowledge of terrorist activities, combined with your real life experience, made for a very interesting and informative terrorism symposium.
Dale June
Absolutely the best thing (, YouTube Video) I have seen! This should be mandatory training in every school!
Officer Ronda Rogers
Many thanks, Alon. I have shared your YouTube video with many people from our martial arts organization, especially those who are involved in teaching practical applications to the community. Everyone was uniformly impressed. You strike a perfect balance of deadly seriousness and approachability in your presentation to students, minimizing the intimidation of the material, while genuinely encouraging and empowering them. This is perhaps the best instruction I have seen on this topic. I look forward to following your work. Thank you for this incredible service.
Michael Partie
When I write my Senators and Reps. I will insist that they call Col. Grossman and Alon Stivi to testify at any congressional hearing which may come up on school violence and/or new gun control. If these individuals are not part of any congressional hearings, contact your congressmen and demand answers as to why not.
Jim Halsband
Thanks for the invaluable info! God Bless!
Gunny Seattle
Thank you. I will be showing this to my fellow students in my child safety course. I appreciate you posting this on You Tube for us. :) God Bless.
CLM Williams
People like this should be in every school in every country twice a year mandatory for all ages. Period!
It would be smart if this type of drill will be put into place around the country, just as the schools have fire, earthquake and tornado drills.
Melissa McCurdy
This class should be mandatory in High School.
This training could have been useful to the patrons of the movie theater that became a shooting gallery in Colorado last night. A theater full of people could have easily taken down the shooter and saved lives. We need to get away from the "duck and cower" mindset and teach people to actively oppose the bad guy.
Harold Jordan
This was very informative and nicely done! I will definitely pass it along. The two women taking out the shooter was my favorite part. I wasn't expecting them to take him down so quick...way to go!
Willow Oak Martial Arts
Every university or college should have similar training for its students staff, and faculty. Although the event of such attack is rare, unfortunately it could happen any time any place.
Excellent training that will work! Simple and effective.
Practice this and save some lives!
Sylvia Halpert
Amazing reality training, simple and as real as it gets! A plan to be pro-active in a nightmare scenario. First time I have ever seen such an effective teaching tool.
Jim Halsband
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The ACT Cert™ team consists of professionals with decades of experience in unconventional security, personal protection, counterterrorism, violence prevention and emergency response. Our programs are developed from the real-life working experience of our parent company, Direct Measures International (DMI), a leading provider of tactical training, security consulting and protective services since 1988. What we teach is practical, effective, and reality based – not just theory. You will learn skills that you can use – right away!

Various elements of our programs have been taught in university accredited workshops, adopted in schools, and taught as part of Police Officer Standard of Training (POST) programs. The work of the ACT Cert™ program developer has been recognized and endorsed by many prestigious organizations and individuals, as well as local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

Our ACT Cert ® “Mass Violence Prevention & Active Shooter Survival” is the only training course of its kind certified by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and approved for funding by State and Federal security grants. This course is listed on the National Training Education Division (NTED) State and Federal Sponsored Course Catalog.

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The ACT Cert™ program is available in two platforms: Web Based Learning & Hands-On Training.

Our Web Based Learning platform uses the latest technology and provides a complete interactive learning experience designed to promote a thorough understanding of the material and measure your proficiency.

The information is presented in an easy to learn format through video material, slides, and written lessons.

From our interactive online learning platform, you will learn in four different ways, and you can stop and restart, as often as you need:

  1. Read the material.
  2. Listen to your instructor.
  3. Watch your instructor demonstrate techniques, reinforce lessons through video, and watching incident re-enactments footage.
  4. Interact with your ACT Cert™ instructors, posting questions and receiving answers on a forum.

… All in a cohesive step-by-step learning format that builds one lesson upon the next.

Our Hands-On Training courses teach the application of the techniques and tactics taught in all our programs.

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We believe that everyone has the right to live safely and make our programs accessible and affordable to all.

We are confident in our ability to deliver training that will exceed expectations and back our products with a No-Risk Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, we offer a full 60-day money-back guarantee from the date of purchase on all our online courses (hands-on training excluded). We also offer special discounts for group and government purchases.

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Overview of the ACT Cert™ Programs
The ACT Cert™ programs are presented in three learning tracks (Series):

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This track is for anyone concerned about personal safety, protection, security and survival. Testing and certification are not offered in this series.

Professional Series
This track is for professionals who work in at-risk settings and for those whose primary responsibility is the education, care, safety or welfare of others. The Professional Series provides training necessary to improve security and response capabilities on campus and in the workplace. Testing and certification are included in this series.

Instructor Series
This track is for individuals that have successfully completed the Professional Series and are already ACT certified. The Instructor Series certifies instructors in teaching ACT Cert™ programs to others and provides those who qualify the right to represent ACT Cert™ at their specific organizations or locations. Web Based Learning, testing and Hands On Training are integral to this series. The online Professional Series courses are included with the Instructor Course.

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  • Larry King
  • Jaime Foxx
  • Warren Buffet
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • Lady Heather Mills McCartney
  • Dore Gold, Israel U.N Ambassador
  • Ehud Barak, Prime Minister of Israel
  • Michael Oren, Israeli Ambassador to the U.S
  • IDF Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant General Benny
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